Time to start that online business in South Africa

If you want to start an online business in South Africa, then you stumbled onto the right old page.

Ever wondered if all the options you see on YouTube for starting an online business is ACTUALLY possible right here in South Africa?

Well, we are here to educate and inform you of all the possibilities available.

The short answer to the question Can you start an online business in South Africa is this:

In general, South Africans have for the most part all the online business options available in the country. Payment from your online ventures has become easier and with a little bit of work, dedication, and knowledge it is possible to start your online business in sunny South Africa.

Now with all of that said, of course, the industry is littered with false information and on this page, we would like to provide you with some of the best advice possible.

Affiliate Marketing

Now off the bat, affiliate marketing or performance marketing is a massive subject to cover.

And we have you covered, click this resource page.

That said, in general, affiliate marketing is where you promote a company’s product online in exchange for a commission.

There are a host of methods and companies you can work with and also as an easy barrier to entry, however, we do advise that you get some knowledge on the subject.

Tip: resist the urge to YouTube the subject. Although there are great legitimate creators there are also sharks only in it to make a quick buck.

For this reason, we believe that the absolute best training on the subject is by clicking the button below. You will NOT be dissapointed.


Digital Freelancing

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to start an online business, especially in your free time in South Africa is by finding a service you can perform and then advertising it on Fiverr.com.

The options are almost limitless, so if you can design, write, transcribe, voice-over, or translate (to name literally a few options) you can start a successful online business through fiverr.com.

A very low (pretty much non-existent) barrier of entry makes this option lucrative for anyone who wants to start. The only drawback is you might need to start at a low price for your service in order to gain some much-needed reviews and build up a track record.

Sell Online

Buying online has become a big business. Massive business. And the adoption of e-commerce is ever-growing.

In essence, to start an e-commerce store you would need a website and the functionality to sell products. 

So if you are tech-savvy or have the financial resources to invest in it, it is a great way to have an always-on opportunity to start an online business.

But don’t take our word for it. Visit this site for more information.



Content Creation and Influencer Marketing

One of the lowest barriers to entry, creating content for popular social media channels has massive potential to earn you a LOT of money online.

Apart from getting paid by the social media channels like YouTube, you can always add your links from some of the options mentioned on this page to potentially earn more.

So if you are a writer or have the ability to engage an audience through video or have a specific lifestyle to promote then this online business opportunity is available for you right here in South Africa.

The button below will take you to one of the best deals and opportunities available in this space.



More Start an Online Business in South Africa Questions?

Are there more online business options in South Africa?

Yes, there are more options available. However the above-mentioned are the most prominent with the lowest barrier to entry. 

That said we are constantly updating our page with more relevant information.

I don''t have money to start an online business

Listen at Coupania we are all about bargains and deals and understand that investing in things is not always possible. 

That said, we also understand that the economy is not the best at the moment and that is a bit of a double whammy. 

See, to change your financial circumstances might mean making more money on the side and that is why starting an online business in South Africa has the potential to make you that much-needed extra income.

Most of the examples above do not require any financial investment, apart from getting some knowledge and then some “sweat-equity” 

What is you preferred method to start an Online Business in South Africa?

By far the best method is affiliate marketing. It is something that you can start in your spare time. 

And as mentioned earlier, the best training available for less than a cup of coffee is here. Just click this link and listen to the video