3 Unconventional Ways to Find Your Soulmate

Find your soul mate

Written by: Shani Finn

December 11, 2023


Have you ever wondered if your soulmate is hiding in plain sight? As someone who’s been there, let me take you on a witty exploration of three unexpected ways you might just meet ‘the one’. Forget the traditional dating rules; sometimes love is found in the most ordinary places.

Method Key Aspect
Love in Unexpected Places Discovering romantic connections in daily life.
Bonding Over Hobbies Finding love through shared interests and activities.
Digital Serendipity Exploring non-dating apps for unexpected connections.

1. Finding Love in Unexpected Places

Imagine stumbling upon love in the least expected place – that’s exactly what happened to me. At a local bookstore, reaching for the same novel, our hands brushed, and sparks flew. It was like a scene straight out of a romantic novel. Life isn’t a movie, but sometimes it writes better scripts than Hollywood. Be open to the possibility of meeting your soulmate in everyday places; your love story might just be waiting to unfold in a coffee shop queue or at a community event.

2. Connecting Through Shared Hobbies and Interests

Who would have thought a cooking class would serve up love on a silver platter? For me, it started with an awkward joke over burnt toast, leading to a deep connection. Shared hobbies are not just for leisure; they’re potential cupid’s arrows. Whether it’s gardening, gaming, or gourmet cooking, common interests can forge deep, meaningful connections. It’s about sharing moments, laughter, and, occasionally, burnt toast!

3. Navigating the Digital World Beyond Dating Apps

The digital world is vast, and love can pop up in the most unexpected corners. I remember laughing at a meme in a Facebook group, only to find someone who shared my sense of humor. That online interaction blossomed into a beautiful relationship. In the digital age, love isn’t just swiping right; it’s about connecting in virtual communities. From Twitter debates to Reddit threads, your next love story might be just a click away.


Your soulmate might be just one bookshelf, hobby class, or online forum away. As I found mine in the most unanticipated places, I encourage you to keep an open mind and heart. The journey to find love can be as beautiful as the destination. Remember, the best love stories often begin with the most unscripted moments. So, go ahead, live your life and let love find you!



Shani Finn

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